Heat Leaders Inc.

Furnace .

50000 up to 150000 BTU 80%  up flow down flow vertical .Furnace replacement $1900 to  $2300

50000 up 150000 BTU 95% up down vertical flow furnace replacement from $2400 to $2900

boilers 50000 to 15000 $2900 to 4900 for commercial must see the site job


1.5 ton to 5 ton outdoor unit  replacement  R22 or 410A  from $ 1600 to $ 2100 

coil  1.5 to 5 ton replacement only R22 or 410a from $800 to $1300

Line set depends on length location example 15 feet easy installation start $700

Roof top units 2 ton 80000 BTU  start $5000

tankless water heater  one bath  couple sinks start 1900

 LIfe time warranty on :

most controls come with lifetime warranty after manufacturer's  warranty ends  as .

 furnaces flame sensers , negative or positive pressure switches , roll out switches , main limits

ignitors , blower capacitors , inducer motor capacitors . thermocouples  on boilers and furnaces

auxiliary limit switches , spark rods fuses panel safty door switches

on boiler pumps the pump coumpler is covered too .

AC  all magnetic contactors , all capacitors . start capacitors , condenser fan blades ,

and more usually will be wrriten in the invoice

all parts we install come with one year labor part after that life time warranty only on parts

the hourly rate will be applies plus service call will only applies .






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